ZAGNY Summer Picnic 2011

The ZAGNY Summer Picnic is on Sunday July 10,at the MERCER COUNTY PARK WEST located alongside Lake Mercer. ZAGNY has reserved the Mercer Park West Picnic Area which is within walking distance of the Marina.  The area includes a 30-foot by 60-foot covered pavilion that can accommodate up to 100 people and is equipped with charcoal grills, electricity, and running water, picnic tables, water fountain, benches overlooking Lake Mercer, and ample parking.  Alcoholic beverage consumption is limited to moderate amounts of beer and wine. Beer must be in cans and wine in boxes only.Admission to the park and parking is free for everyone.  So come and join your ZAGNY friends and have a great time.  Please bring your own food (for 8-10 people if you would like others to share and sample your food), drinks and paper goods.  Be there at 11:00 am.  ZAGNY will provide watermelon, iced tea, hot tea and charcoal for cook out.


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